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You’ve been in an auto accident. Panic sets in. Your initial reaction is to contact every one possible. Including your insurance company.

Auto Insurance For Profit

Why You Shouldn’t Give a Statement Unless You Have CounselYou pay for automobile insurance in case of a future accident. When dues are paid, you’re covered. You can drive with peace of mind that if anything should happen, your insurance company is there to take care of it.

Insurance companies spend a few billion dollars on advertising every year driving this into our heads.

However, what you may fail to consider is that insurance companies are designed to look out for themselves. They’re a for profit business. The less they pay out, the more money they make.

There’s a reason drivers never involved in auto accidents pay less than the rest of us.

Know What You’re Getting

There are common practices among insurance companies to limit policyholders from obtaining their full benefits. Even before you sign-up, be on your toes. Review your policy. Ensure you’re getting the proper coverage. Read the fine print. Don’t pay for insurance that isn’t going to meet your needs.

So, You’ve Been In An Accident. What Now?

Once you’re in an auto accident, be sure to seek medical treatment for your injuries immediately. After being treated by a physician and establishing the severity of your injuries, you should contact an accident attorney. Most offer free consultations and will be able to assist you in properly reviewing your claim and obtaining the benefits owed to you.

Your Insurance Company’s Tactics

Insurance companies are in the practice of finding ways to deny our claims.

Common tactics include, but are not limited to:

  • Delay Tactics
    • Not returning phone calls
    • Placing policyholders on hold for long periods of time
    • Moving you from one adjuster to the next
    • Outright denying claims
  • Skewing Facts
  • Minimizing Injuries
  • Rushing releases and recorded statements

All of these practices are designed to assist the insurance companies in undermining your credibility and prolonging the process to either deny or limit what is paid out on your claim.

Proper counsel will be able to provide the expertise and attention needed to ensure your claim is met promptly and accurately.

What To Avoid

It is okay to speak with your insurance company, or that of the person allegedly guilty of the accident.

However, avoid the following until you have contacted an attorney:

  • Giving a statement to a claims adjuster
  • Signing a release
  • Allowing an adjuster to look at or document your auto damage
  • Accepting a settlement offer

An attorney will be able to review the accident with you, assist in providing a proper timeline and evaluate the benefits to maximize your compensation.

Being in an auto accident can be traumatic. So, contact an attorney that can provide guidance and peace-of-mind.