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Clearwater Bus Accident Lawyer

Injured in a Bus Accident in Clearwater, FL?

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Win

Buses have a reputation for being safe, certainly safer than cars or motorcycles. They’re big, they’re slow, and we just don’t often hear about people being hurt in bus accidents in the US.

But bus accidents do happen. And because most buses don’t have the safety features we have come to expect from cars – like airbags and seat belts – injuries are more likely than we might expect.

The fact that so many buses are owned and operated by government agencies can make getting compensated for your injuries a slow and frustrating process. Insurance companies may try to use that as an excuse to delay action on your claim, or to reject it entirely.

That’s why you need legal representation with experience in bus accident injuries. You need The Andriotis Law Firm.


We’re committed to getting justice for our clients.

Insurance companies have deep pockets and seemingly endless legal resources, so going it alone just isn’t a realistic option for you. You need a legal team with plenty of experience in bus accident injury cases. A team that knows its way around the claims process backward and forwards. A team that has the tenacity of a pit bull.

That’s us.

Many of the cases we handle don’t ever see the inside of a courtroom, because we’re often able to negotiate fair financial settlements quickly. But if your case does go to trial, don’t worry. Our attorneys have an excellent track record taking insurance companies over cases just like yours – and our results speak for themselves.

We do whatever it takes for our clients – and that includes working with insurance companies, adjusters, witnesses, and investigators. We can even recommend good doctors if you don’t have one of your own.

And we never stop fighting for justice until your case is over. Your case will always get our full attention and energy, no matter what.


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