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Clearwater Truck & Semi-Trailer Accident Lawyers

Were You Injured in an Accident Involving a Truck or Semi-truck? 

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A Semi-trailer Accident is a True Ordeal. Getting Justice Shouldn’t Be.

There are few things more terrifying than the moment you realize your car is about to get into an accident with a semi-trailer.

And it’s really no wonder. Semi-trailers are huge, even bigger than any SUV on the road. That extra size means they’re also extra-heavy – so in the event of a collision, it’s most likely your vehicle that’s going to absorb most of the impact. And there’s no telling what kind of cargo these trailers might be carrying – may be the one you’re about to collide with is empty, or maybe it’s hauling hazardous materials. You won’t know until it’s too late.

Either way, your chances of suffering an injury in a collision with one of these super-sized vehicles is significantly greater than it is for accidents involving cars, SUVs, or light trucks.

Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents happen every day. Here in Clearwater, there’s a near-constant danger of getting tangled up with a semi-trailer, thanks to the high volume of truck traffic on US Highway 19. (If you’ve ever driven on it yourself, you almost certainly understand.)

When those accidents result in injuries, the victims call the Andriotis Law Firm. And you should too.


Don’t Wait for Justice to Come to You. We Can Help Youg Get It – Quickly.

Sadly, the heightened risk of injury in an accident with a semi-trailer doesn’t translate into faster insurance settlements. Insurance companies are just as likely to stall and give you the runaround, even if your injuries are serious.

In fact, more serious injuries can often make it harder to get a fair and equitable settlement out of an insurance company. Serious injuries make for larger settlements, and the insurance company might feel like it has nothing to lose by dragging things out.

Meanwhile, you’ve got medical bills to settle. Physical therapy to pay for. Lost wages eating into your savings. You can’t wait for the insurance company to get around to cutting you a check on their terms. You need justice, and you need it now.

Getting justice for accident victims is what we do at the Andriotis Law Firm. We’ve been doing it ever since we first opened our doors, and we know how to get results.

Our attorneys have deep experience in all areas of personal injury law, and they know their way around the system. And our extensive network of resources helps us get things wrapped up quickly – we often work closely with the insurance companies, insurance adjusters, investigators, and witnesses in our quest to get our clients the settlement or award they deserve.

What’s more, we never give up. We don’t stop on your behalf until your case is over. Your case is as important to us as it is to you, and you will always get our full attention and energy, no matter what.


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