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Auto Accident Settlement 31 year old male was involved in rear end collision and sustained back injuries.

Auto Accident Settlement 44 year old female involved in rear end collision, resulted in shoulder injuries.

Auto Accident Settlement Osceola County 62 year old female suffered hip injury

Auto Accident Settlement Kissimme 34 year old female suffered cervical spine injury

Auto Accident Settlement Pinellas County 40 year old male involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident resulting in a herniated disc in his cervical spine

Motor Cycle Accident Settlement Hillsborough County 29 year old male suffered broken clavicle and lower back injury.

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Clearwater Motorcycle Accident Lawyers For motorcycle riders, the exhilaration of the open road is undeniable. There's a certain feeling of freedom that comes with a motorcycle - and most riders wouldn't trade it for anything.

Unfortunately, the freedom and exhilaration come with a trade-off: safety. The sad truth is that are significantly more exposed to accidents, injuries and even death than their car-driving neighbors. Objects in the road, inclement weather or even the simple negligence of drunk, distracted or dangerous drivers can all knock you off your motorcycle and into a hospital bed.

Once you’re there - bruised, battered and suddenly in debt - your problems may be just beginning. The insurance company may opt to play hardball with you regarding your claim. That can take many forms, from "lost" paperwork to intentional delays to actually launching attacks on you, the accident victim. With everything else you’ve got to deal with in the aftermath of a serious motorcycle crash, they know you may not have the strength to stand up for yourself and fight back.

But that's okay - because the Andriotis Law Firm is here to do it for you.

Don't suffer for someone else's negligence

At the Andriotis Law Firm, our team has extensive experience dealing with motorcycle accident injury claims. We know how to build a strong case, negotiate a fair settlement, and persuade a jury - and we can do it for you.

We have the patience, the knowledge, and the experience to go toe-to-toe with insurance companies and fight for the service and justice you deserve.

You’ll never be left wondering what’s going on with your case. Our staff is trained to provide clear and regular updates to each of our clients, and we’re accessible .

The moment you step into our office, our team begins working diligently on your injury claim. We scour any and all relevant documents, such as police reports, accident scene photos and medical records, to establish negligence and the extent of your damages, both physically and financially. Our personal injury attorneys and staff leave no stone unturned and explore every avenue to establish the value of your claim.

Because that’s the level of representation you deserve.

What you do after your motorcycle accident is important

After any accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible - even if you don't think you’ve been injured. Often, the adrenaline in our bodies acts to mask the symptoms of an injury, and it’s only days later that we notice anything wrong.

Aside from the medical and health issues, failing to seek medical attention immediately could have legal repercussions as well. The longer after an accident you wait to see a doctor, the more difficult it gets to prove that the accident caused your injury.

Any solid legal case is built on documentation. After your accident, be sure to get copies of the following documents:

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