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How to Dispute a Property Damage Claim with Your Insurance Company
Disputing a claim can be a difficult situation for anyone inexperienced with local laws and procedures.

How to Dispute a Property Damage Claim with Your Insurance CompanyIf you’re not injured, and you cannot find an attorney to help dispute your claim, you must be prepared to learn what most insurance companies don’t want you to know. And with patience and determination you can win.

First, I recommend checking your insurance contract.

If you have collision coverage, make sure your dispute is covered under your insurance. If you don’t have coverage your dispute will be with the at fault driver’s insurance. Be certain that you have all information pertaining to your vehicle damage organized and on hand, including dates of events and receipts for anything you paid for.

Prior to approaching your insurance company, make sure you have your own estimate for the repairs. Or if the vehicle is at a total loss, you can establish the fair market value by using the NADA guide or a third party appraiser who will provide a lost value report. Once you have all this information organized, speak with your insurance company’s adjuster. Let him or her know that you’re unhappy. Share the information that proves what your car is worth. They have wiggle room on paying, and if they’re fair, they’ll meet your request.

If they are still unwilling to pay, you will need to sue your insurance company. Take them to court.

All of the information that you have collected will be put to great use. Depending on the amount determines whether you will file with small claims or your county court. In either case, you will need to prove to the judge or magistrate why your insurance company should pay you for the requested damages.