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should I represent my own auto accident case

“A person who represents themselves has a fool for a client.”

Attempting to handle your own auto accident claim can prove to be a futile effort. There are hazards every step of the way which can provide challenges to the novice, and these challenges can, in some instances, be insurmountable.

Auto Accidents: Property Damage & Personal Injuries

When a claim involves both property damage and personal injuries, your recoveries should include the following:

  •  vehicle repairs,
  • rental car reimbursement,
  • reimbursement for lost wages,
  • medical treatments and prescriptions

In addition to

  • future monies for expected future medical care,
  • future lost wages, and
  • pain and suffering

Arriving at and accurately calculating these figures is virtually impossible for a victim and it is inevitable that a good portion of a victim’s recovery is left unaddressed.

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Auto Accidents & Property Damage

If your incident leaves you with only property damage to your vehicle, you will likely be able to represent yourself with better accuracy. It is typically simple to get the insurance carrier to give you a rental car and to fix your vehicle, which was damaged. However, in some instances, this can be a futile effort when liability is at issue.

That said, representing yourself in a diminished value claims is typically very difficult as this requires knowledge, expertise, and resources to arrive at a suitable figure.

Diminished Value Claim

A diminished value claim is brought following a crash that compensates you for the lessened value of your vehicle now that it has been involved in a crash and repaired. Property damage claims as a whole do not involve much in the way of knowledge so long as you are not concerned with your vehicle’s diminished value, and liability is not at issue.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney to Represent Your Auto Accident Claim

However, insurance companies routinely fight you every step of the way, so even when it comes to these claims, it is a good idea to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle this and obtain and full and rightful recovery. Additionally, personal injury attorneys do not get a fee for the most part for handling property damage claims as these claims are part and parcel with injury claims. At Andriotis Law Firm, we will handle your property damage claim free of charge without exception.

Personal injury claims provide an entirely different set of facts and circumstances which, unfortunately for the novice, include many twists and turns that insurance company’s use in their favor to confuse victims and lessen their recovery. When handling your own claim, it is virtually impossible to navigate this sea of facts, information, and loopholes, which inevitably favor insurance companies due to the lobbying power they have when it comes to setting legislation.

For this reason alone, it is never a good idea to represent yourself in your auto accident claim. Study after study has proven that clients who are represented by attorneys get a higher settlement to the level that nets them more money despite the attorney’s fees and cost. The Insurance Research Council found in a study that represented victims recovered, on average, 40% more than victims who decided to represent themselves. Recovering more while reducing the stress of having to deal with all of the lawyers, officers, witnesses, and insurance companies is a win-win scenario for accident victims. This fact alone clearly shows the importance of allowing a professional attorney to handle your claim.

After representing thousands of clients over the last fifteen years, I have been through and seen it all. I have helped victims of every type, in every situation and had recoveries of all ranges. Experience in these situations is priceless, and you can have that experience at your fingertips with just one phone call.

Let our highly skilled team help you from start to finish with every aspect of your case from property damages to injuries to lost wages and pain and suffering. We are trained, ready, willing, and able to help you get the recovery you deserve.


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