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5 Top Notch Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida.

While you’re seeking the services of a personal injury attorney in Florida it’s highly likely that you’re going to look for someone who is experienced and has a proven track record of success.

Finding an attorney who is not only aggressive, but improves your chances for a positive verdict by handling your case with professionalism, delicacy and expertise is critical.

Andriotis Law Group gives you 5 top notch tips to hiring the right Personal Injury Attorney –


  1. Select A Local Attorney:
    A Personal Injury Attorney based in Florida will have knowledge specific to local statutes, regulations and legal precedents as well as other geographic aspects related to a case locally based. We can’t stress the importance of hiring a local attorney to handle your case. An attorney who is available to meet with you locally to discuss your case and review aspects of it can not only put you at ease but may also be detrimental to it’s outcome.
  2. Compare & Shop Around:
    When you’re searching for a Personal Injury Attorney it just makes sense to search around and do your homework, right? These days utilizing the internet to search for reviews, previous settlements and other information to help you with your decisions is easier than ever. It’s suggested that once you select several attorney’s that you schedule meetings or consultations with them before making your final decision. Doing so will give you a first hand view of the firm itself, it’s practices and it’s ability to work with you on your case.
  3. Experience Review:
    You simply can’t avoid the fact that your decision to hire an attorney will be based on his or her track record and most of all their experience. Always look specifically at a firm’s experience and track record in handling the type of case you want them to represent you for. A firm or attorney who does not specialize in Personal Injury may also work in multiple other areas of law and may not be as experienced or furthermore may not be the best decision to represent you. The outcome of your case can be directly impacted by this decision as oversights may be much higher with a firm or attorney not focusing on personal injury.
  4. Look at Their Personality:
    You may find several firms that are equally qualified to represent you, however you may wish to take a closer look at each attorney’s personality, work etic and client rapport. You can always search online for reviews clients have written that give you further insight into their personality and abilities. It’s always best to feel that the attorney you have selected is not only on your side but will represent you in the best possible way in your complex legal matter.

Attorney Personality

  1. Size of the Firm:
    There are benefits and downfalls to firms of all sizes. Just because a firm is larger than another does not make them more qualified to handle your case, nor does it mean they have more qualified attorney’s available. Although a larger firm may be able to provide more case assistance it may come at a much higher cost to you and personal attention may suffer or be insufficient. A smaller firm may be able to provide that “hands-on” approach many of us like and give you a higher level of individual attention and customer service. You may choose that you want the best of both worlds, and therefore a mid-sized firm with several attorney’s on staff may be the most reasonable choice.

The Andriotis Law Firm is an experienced personal injury attorney firm that provides expert counsel and unsurpassed personal attention. If you were injured in an auto accident or a personal injury matter, contact us today for a consultation.