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Often times, even doctors or healthcare professionals make mistakes.

In a personal injury claim how does a second opinion count?Being injured as a result of someone else’s negligence is never good, and you must make certain your health and well-being are cared for. A large part of this is getting the best, most complete medical advice possible.

Getting a second opinion on any medical condition has become a common practice these days. Don’t hesitate or be afraid that you may offend your primary care physician. He or she won’t think you are second guessing them, merely that you are looking out for what is in your best interests and your health in an attempt to prevent later complications that may arise if not caught early on.

Often times, many injuries are not easily diagnosed and may not present any symptoms until much later on.
If for any reason you feel that the initial medical opinion you have been provided is inaccurate or does not show the entire picture, getting a second opinion can be beneficial. You should be advised that your medical insurance may not cover a second opinion, forcing you to pay out of pocket for one. Find out in advance so there are no surprises, however the cost associated may very well be worth it.

If you do choose to seek a second medical opinion, be aware that that BOTH doctor’s opinions will be considered when determining damage amounts in your personal injury case.

In certain cases or instances, seeking the advice of a specialist is desired. A medical specialist will bring years of dedicated experience to their specific area of practice. Because they are viewed and accepted as a medical professional in their specific field, their opinion will typically hold more weight than that of a general practitioner.

After a personal injury accident, the most important aspect is your health and that it is fully restored. If you feel it is necessary, see another doctor or specialist to make sure that you are getting the very best care possible.