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Report Indicates Insurers Manipulate Assessments
Did you know that the insurance industry uses software to assess bodily injury for automobile, home and property claims?

Report Indicates Insurers Manipulate AssessmentsDid you know that the adjusters have the ability to manipulate the figures of your assessment without your knowledge?

The abuse is wide spread. The technology is based on profitability, not your well-being, reducing the amount of money you receive if you have a personal injury claim. It gets worse. By utilizing software to make these assessments, insurers hire less experienced adjusters to handle your claims. Most of the decision making is made by a computer, unless the payout appears to be too expensive for the insurer.

Unfortunately, very few policy holders are aware of these practices, even less understand the possible financial ramifications.

The Andriotis Law Firm has obtained a report from the Consumer Federation of America. In it, the authors bring light to the software manipulation and rampant payment abuse of insurers. The prime motive of the report is to inform regulators, lawyers and attorneys, and the general public about the unfair tactics.

Read the Full Report – Studies Computer Claims 06-04-12